Attention whore

I'm an attention whore.  Perhaps strong words but that's the term for it.  It's invigorating to stand apart from the crowd.  Tattoos, flamboyant or minimal clothing, loud music, ostentatious accouterments, all of it is fun. Strange for someone who grew up pretty much an introvert, that part was probably due to some overbearing parenting.  Still, … Continue reading Attention whore


Mental fatigue

Should you avoid mentally challenging hobbies if you have a mentally challenging job?  There is a concept known as decision fatigue, that human brains really only have the capacity to make so many decisions in the course of a day.  That's why so many people in thinking-intensive jobs try to minimize other decisions during their … Continue reading Mental fatigue

Sex and the Gym #2

First post here: Didn't intend to continue this line of thought but had some more ideas in this topic.  What I love most about my gym is that it has many extremely fit women that like to wear the bare minimum, and fortunately for me it's perfectly acceptable here for just sports bra's and hotpants.  … Continue reading Sex and the Gym #2

The beach

Isn't the beach great?  It was always a childhood tradition to go the beach every summer.  There is just something magical about the smell, wind, the sounds of the beach.  The rough and tumble fun in the surf, the other families having a good time.  It's one of the happy memories of childhood. I live … Continue reading The beach


I used to be a pretty social person.  Kind of grew up a nerd, but things broke loose in my 20s and I became very outgoing, particularly when fueled by alcohol.  Would always be down to go out to dinner, go to a club, watch sports, whatever.  I deliberately lived in walking distance of the … Continue reading Antisocial