Benefits of Writing

Writing is a useful mental exercise, even if it is no more than to break up the mental frenzy of the day just to put a few concrete thoughts down for posterity.  I've tried to keep posting once a week on this blog just for that purpose; stretch my mind in a different direction than … Continue reading Benefits of Writing


The 5 Love Languages

Recently read the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  Since I'm single, it may seem like an odd choice, but I figured if you don't have luck with something, then that might be a good topic to study.  It was a good, quick read.  I'm not sure I agree with everything in there, but there … Continue reading The 5 Love Languages

Volunteer Work

This is a self-improvement post.  See all here:   So I've always done random volunteer work, it's encouraged in the military.  However, it was usually always one-off stuff, like helping with a specific event.  Starting last year though, I tried to get more involved in regular activities that weren't work related.  So I tried … Continue reading Volunteer Work


New Years resolutions always confused me.  Why wait until once a year to fix something about your life?  If something is wrong, fix it now, and if you are waiting for an excuse to fix something, you probably aren't really that committed in the first place. Just some musings, I'm visiting some relatives for the … Continue reading Resolutions