Self Improvement

For the last ten years or so I have had vigorous attempts at various self-improvement initiatives.  Supposedly this is in line with my personality type (ENTP on the MBTI), it’s probably also a function of my upbringing and my career (military emphasizes being a consummate professional “whole-person” concept).  In fact, you could probably get me to do just about anything if you could convince me it’s tied to self-improvement – just as Nietzsche warned “Aus der kriegsschule des lebens – was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker” Still, I tackle them with relish.

Ben Franklin had a good approach, systematically focusing on one aspect of his personality or life to improve at a time.  Some that I have worked on included (might have more in-depth posts on specific ones later):

-Working out/finding a routine that works for me (

-Figuring out an investing strategy that works for me (my brother pointed me to some good info here) (

-Saving money (

-Eating healthy                                                         (

-Masters program/education (

-Learning about psychology for work

-Learning about psychology for relationships

-Learning to ride a motorcycle (

-Going to war (

-Getting tattoos (debatable as self-improvement, but it’s something I enjoy) (

-Owning property/home/rental

-Finding a spiritual path

-Exploring my emotional vulnerability and sexuality

-Getting a good nights sleep consistently (

Current initiatives that are related are:

-Be better at saving money in my day to day life & learn to eat healthy on the cheap (i.e. cook more)

-Also working on the Ph.D. as a long term project

What should be next?  Some of the ones I’m thinking:

-Start my own business

-Maybe figure out this whole marriage thing


Thinking about it, this blog is probably a self-improvement project on the sly, me trying to figure out myself.




Hello and welcome to my blog!

Glad you are here so I’ll introduce myself.  My name on this site is Dmitri, one of my favorite literary characters that I find myself resembling more and more 🙂  We’re in our early 30’s, mid-career military officers, and prone to trouble with women and alcohol.  Some other details that will be relevant: currently single & sober (maybe correlated?), ride a motorcycle, intellectual/philosophical interests, Afghanistan veteran, pursuing a Ph.D. in a technical subject, love tattoos (both my own and on my partners), Buddhist leanings and a workaholic on a mad quest for meaning and self improvement.

Started this blog to have an outlet for creative energy, sharing, and to capture my thoughts.  You can only share so much when you have to maintain appearances, frustrating, right?  Mainly thought there were enough experiences flying around in my head that they needed to be written down.  Learning life lessons the hard way is fun but some might prefer to mitigate the consequences; my rolls of the dice were very lucky.  Comment away!