Hello and welcome to my blog!

Glad you are here so I’ll introduce myself.  My name on this site is Dmitri, one of my favorite literary characters that I find myself resembling more and more 🙂  We’re in our early 30’s, mid-career military officers, and prone to trouble with women and alcohol.  Some other details that will be relevant: currently single & sober (maybe correlated?), ride a motorcycle, intellectual/philosophical interests, Afghanistan veteran, pursuing a Ph.D. in a technical subject, love tattoos (both my own and on my partners), Buddhist leanings and a workaholic on a mad quest for meaning and self improvement.

Started this blog to have an outlet for creative energy, sharing, and to capture my thoughts.  You can only share so much when you have to maintain appearances, frustrating, right?  Mainly thought there were enough experiences flying around in my head that they needed to be written down.  Learning life lessons the hard way is fun but some might prefer to mitigate the consequences; my rolls of the dice were very lucky.  Comment away!





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