Self Improvement

For the last ten years or so I have had vigorous attempts at various self-improvement initiatives.  Supposedly this is in line with my personality type (ENTP on the MBTI), it’s probably also a function of my upbringing and my career (military emphasizes being a consummate professional “whole-person” concept).  In fact, you could probably get me to do just about anything if you could convince me it’s tied to self-improvement – just as Nietzsche warned “Aus der kriegsschule des lebens – was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker” Still, I tackle them with relish.

Ben Franklin had a good approach, systematically focusing on one aspect of his personality or life to improve at a time.  Some that I have worked on included (might have more in-depth posts on specific ones later):

-Working out/finding a routine that works for me (

-Figuring out an investing strategy that works for me (my brother pointed me to some good info here) (

-Saving money (

-Eating healthy                                                         (

-Masters program/education (

-Learning about psychology for work

-Learning about psychology for relationships

-Learning to ride a motorcycle (

-Going to war (

-Getting tattoos (debatable as self-improvement, but it’s something I enjoy) (

-Caffeine (

-Owning property/home/rental

-Doing volunteer work  (

-Finding a spiritual path

-Exploring my emotional vulnerability and sexuality

-Getting a good nights sleep consistently (

Current initiatives that are related are:

-Be better at saving money in my day to day life & learn to eat healthy on the cheap (i.e. cook more)

-Also working on the Ph.D. as a long term project

What should be next?  Some of the ones I’m thinking:

-Start my own business

-Maybe figure out this whole marriage thing


Thinking about it, this blog is probably a self-improvement project on the sly, me trying to figure out myself.




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