Continuing Education

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It is really important to never stop growing mentally.   As soon as you let your skills stagnate, you immediately start falling behind.  I really believe that.  It is critical that you continue to pursue self-improvement of the mind if you wish to even keep the same status that you do now.  Barring some certain careers  (government positions come to mind, but even those are starting to change), the workforce requires a growth mindset.

I’ve always been partial to part time education, mainly because it’s just a lot easier to see the application of what you are learning when you are actually on the job.  One of my proudest life achievements is completing a technical masters while on full-time active duty.  Took 5 years, had a deployment and a couple moves in there, but ultimately I got it done while taking courses that directly helped me in the job I was in.  And I got to do the thesis on an awesome project for work, which was a nice bonus.  That whole experience has given me the confidence to pursue a Ph.D.

Not everyone is going to want to go down that particular path, but it is advisable that you should work on some education goals that directly help you in the job you are in now, while at the same time eventually building to something that you will want to put on your resume.  Basically make education in your chosen path one of your hobbies.  Ideally, if you are doing it right, you can work on some of your school at work, and some of your work at school.

There are so many great programs out there that a cost-effective, part-time program should be easy to find.  You do need to make sure that it’s worth the money, as there are certainly many overpriced degrees.  Do your research, talk to people, and develop a love for learning 🙂




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