Passion #2

This is a continuation of one of my experiences with passion.  For Part 1 see here:

So I was heartbroken.  Interestingly though, I had grabbed a program from the ceremony and from this learned her last name.  She had mentioned it on one of our dates, but I hadn’t really caught it.  Seeing her name, I did what any jilted lover does in this day and age and e-stalked her.  A quick google search revealed she had an Instagram that was actually set to publicly viewable.  Hmmm.

After licking my wounds for a few days I had checked out her Instagram again and she had posted something about a guy not working out.  Hmmm.  Maybe her guy friend at graduation got jealous of the competition.  Either way, it seemed like she wasn’t in a relationship and might be available.  Brain racing, she had mentioned her school and her night class schedule when we had gone out.  Maybe I could try again?  One on one I could convince her!  It didn’t take very long to deliberate, her class was the next day and I resolved to try again.

Rushing out of work early, I bought some flowers and hopped on my motorcycle.  Made the hour long ride across town to where I thought her campus was.  It was the type of corporate lot that had a bunch of mixed offices.  Wandering around and asking directions, I was able to find the area where the night school was (apparently you aren’t suspicious at all if you’re holding flowers, security guards gladly give you directions).  There were a bunch of classes in session.  I had deliberately shown up early.

By process of elimination, classes let out and I didn’t see her.  I started asking around.  There was a lot of estrogen in that building, and more than a few girls seemed very curious as who was this guy in motorcycle gear with flowers asking about a girl.  I almost ran down a girl outside who I mistook for her. My heart was jittery.  Finally, one girl said she knew my muse and confirmed she had class that night, but didn’t know which one.  It was getting very late and the building was pretty much deserted.  Down to one or two classes I was just absently wandering the empty halls when I noticed a girl just staring at me.

It was her.


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