The Power of Vulnerability

A very good boss once pointed me to Dr. Brene Brown’s book Daring Greatly.  It covers the topic of vulnerability and how that ultimately leads to more connection and success in both professional and personal life.  This book had a fairly large impact on me and finally motivated me to tell my brother about my struggles with alcoholism, the first time in two years that I told anyone in my family about my alcoholism.  That ultimately gave me a deeper connection with my family and helped me become happier and healthier at work.

Dr. Brown had a Ted talk that kicked off the more visible period of her career.  It can be found here:

So, what do you think?  I’ve been accused not letting myself be vulnerable in relationships.  Taking this into account, I’ve tried to be more open and invest myself more in relationships.   These concepts were just so foreign to me, but it ultimately made sense.  It is a lot easier to trust someone who has skin in the game than someone who isn’t.  That doesn’t apply just to romantic relationships either – any relationship can be deepened.

These topics resonated so much that I led a discussion on Dr. Brown’s ted talk at work.




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