Alcoholism #4

This continues my story with alcoholism.  Past posts here: While all of this was going on, my work was still going well.  The commander of my unit selected me for a competitive job to handle all the personnel issues, basically having delegated command authority.  It was a position of trust and responsibility that I was … Continue reading Alcoholism #4



I don't do a good job balancing.  I'm not sure what caused it or when it happened exactly, but for whatever reason I love to constantly throw myself into work.  It seems to be an escape mechanism.  If something isn't working out relationship wise, or I struggle or have uncertainty for whatever reason, all I know how … Continue reading Overwhelmed

Passion #3

This is a continuation of one of my experiences with passion.  For earlier parts see here: I stared from across the deserted hall at her and she stared back, her mouth half open.  Not knowing what else to do, I quickly walked up to her, gave her the flowers and hugged her.  She was incredulous and weakly … Continue reading Passion #3


This is a self-improvement post.  See all here: We had previously talked about investing money, we should take some time to specifically cover savings.  A very interesting book that pops up on the personal finances reading lists is "The Millionaire Next Door".  It's a little dated, but still valuable info.  Basically some researchers tried … Continue reading Saving