Passion #3

This is a continuation of one of my experiences with passion.  For earlier parts see here:

I stared from across the deserted hall at her and she stared back, her mouth half open.  Not knowing what else to do, I quickly walked up to her, gave her the flowers and hugged her.  She was incredulous and weakly hugged me back, asking what was I doing there.

We had a brief conversation as I followed her out to the car, I could barely talk as she rambled about stuff.  In the end she agreed to try things again, and we would make plans for the weekend.  I was overjoyed, the ride back home felt like floating on air.

The very next day I ended up accidently leaving my phone in the car and got slammed at work.  I completely forgot to check on my renewed love interest.  When I came back she had sent me a couple flirty texts during the day.  Uh oh, I thought, I screwed up.  I tried calling her back, but could only reach her via text.  Still things seemed fine.

Early the next day I had to teach some training sessions.  In between sessions, I received a text, “To tell you the truth…”  uh oh, my heart jumped, and then the next one hit, she didn’t think there was a connection and she was done with the situation.  I was crushed.  I remember walking back and trying to half heartedly teach two more training sessions, then I sulked the rest of the day.  How could this happen?  I was so close!  I was desperate.

I raked my mind.  She had a mom she was close with.  Maybe her mom could help?  Her mom was asian, she would certainly want her daughter to end up with a nice officer like me! as my mind spun.  After getting home I searched facebook, then linked-in.  I found the mom’s email address.  Quickly I started typing… “Help, I think I’m in love with your daughter and I need your help.” …






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