I don’t do a good job balancing.  I’m not sure what caused it or when it happened exactly, but for whatever reason I love to constantly throw myself into work.  It seems to be an escape mechanism.  If something isn’t working out relationship wise, or I struggle or have uncertainty for whatever reason, all I know how to do is work harder, which probably isn’t the correct response.

Even when it is work that disappoints me, such as not being selected for a competitive job or training program, my response is to just be very disappointed and work harder.  Since I’ve learned a bit about psychology, it would seem like those times would be the times to reach out to my support structure, family, friends, etc.  But I typically don’t.

Sometimes reaching out makes all the difference though.  Yesterday I was feeling overwhelmed by work, school, etc.  I was talking to an ex-girlfriend now friend, and started complaining about my situation.  She promptly mentioned that her mother was dying from cancer and I shouldn’t complain about work that I voluntarily took on.  That quickly put things in perspective.  I didn’t feel so overwhelmed anymore.



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