Alcoholism #5

This continues my story with alcoholism.  Past posts here:   So I finally had enough.  For whatever reason, something snapped and I accepted that it would be best if I just stopped drinking, at least for the time being. Significant lifestyle changes took place.  I stopped hanging out with friends (my shame still … Continue reading Alcoholism #5


Eating Healthy

This is a self-improvement post.  See all here: Few things are more important to your overall well-being and happiness than what you put into your body.  The food you eat has such a large impact on everything from energy levels, mood, self-image, disease resistance, physical and mental performance and sex drive.  Unfortunately diet is also one … Continue reading Eating Healthy

Passion #4

This is a continuation of one of my experiences with passion.  For earlier parts see here:   ------------------------------------- Well, her mom thought I was an outstanding match for her daughter!  I had sent her my linked-in as pretty much the only thing I could think of to show her my value, and I guess she … Continue reading Passion #4