Passion #4

This is a continuation of one of my experiences with passion.  For earlier parts see here:



Well, her mom thought I was an outstanding match for her daughter!  I had sent her my linked-in as pretty much the only thing I could think of to show her my value, and I guess she saw enough that she liked.  job, check.  We ended up talking on the phone.  I was very open and even told her about my past issues with alcohol (which I haven’t even told my own mother about).  She seemed to think that was ok, and that I was “perfect” for her daughter, her daughter just had some past issues and was unsure of things.  She said she would guide her daughter to make the right decision.

Well, I wasn’t completely convinced, and I certainly didn’t want an overbearing mom forcing a situation on someone, doesn’t exactly breed success in a relationship.  I had reached out to her in a fit of passion, but maybe I hadn’t really thought things through?  Still, I was desperate to see if something could work.

A little bit of time passed and her mother and I stayed in touch via text.  I still didn’t hear from my love interest.  Thanksgiving was coming up, and mom said she would see her daughter over thanksgiving and talk to her then.  Well, quickly I saw scenes of a fight breaking out over me, and that’s not what I wanted to happen.  I wrote up an email, detailing my feelings and trying to make it clear I didn’t want anything forced.  Her mom agreed, and said her plan was just to show her daughter my original email and let her take things from there.

I was on leave at my sister’s having an outstanding (parent free) Thanksgiving with all my siblings.  Suddenly my phone buzzed, and I received a text out of the blue.  It was her!  She said her mom told her about me and she was willing to talk, but we had to be friends first.  My heart skipped a beat, but soon we started exchanging friendly texts the rest of the weekend.  I kept in touch with her mom too, who said it had been an easy sell.  It was certainly a pleasant thanksgiving surprise.

However, we hadn’t even talked yet, just texting.  (For the record I hate texting)  Eventually the weekend ended.  We had made some tentative plans to workout together, and start hanging out as friends.  I was at the airport on my way home when suddenly I got a text.   It was the old, “I think you’re nice but… ”






Continued here:




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