Having gratitude is one of the strongest correlations with happiness.  There is always something more to chase after, but being appreciative for what you have leads to less stress, stronger feelings of contentment and improved wellness. Today I am thankful that I have my health. I am thankful that, despite everything, I have a career … Continue reading Gratitude


Passion #5

This is a continuation of one of my experiences with passion.  For earlier parts see here: ------------------------------------------------------ Despite all my attempts, completely putting myself out there I was shot down.  Still, I couldn't shake this girl out of my heart.  I continued with online dating but nothing significant developed, it seemed no one could … Continue reading Passion #5


I'm a big believer in cutting distractions out of your life.  My brain has only so many cells to spend thinking, and I want to maximize the positive impact I can make.  The more it is filled with needless things to worry about, the less resources it can spend on actual useful tasks.  Stephen Covey's classic … Continue reading Distractions