What leads one to procrastinate, and how do you combat it?  Is laziness inherited or can it be learned or unlearned? On the surface of things, it would seem I'm not a very lazy person.  I've accomplished quite a bit with career and education and have generally disciplined habits like working out, but that is … Continue reading Procrastination


Going to War #1

This is a self-improvement post.  See all here: It's a bit unusual in that I've volunteered to go overseas to a war zone twice.  Not entirely sure why I did, although it probably has something to do with a macho mindset.  There was certainly never a desire to kill anyone, or get revenge on terrorists … Continue reading Going to War #1


A theme that runs through many self-help books is taking personal accountability for your situation.  The general thought process is that even though something may not be fair, or might be someone else's job, typically griping about it does no good.  Instead accepting responsibility for the situation, identifying what you can do, and taking action … Continue reading Accountability