Trust is key to a relationship, any relationship.  When you can't rely on the truth of what someone is saying, then you really can't be invested or dependent on them. Broken commitments can be just as damaging as deliberate mistruths.  If someone blows off a commitment too you, then how can you trust them to … Continue reading Trust


Valentine’s day

Holidays usually bum me out.  In fact, they are probably the times when I'm most happy I don't drink anymore, since I'm sure I'd end up black out drunk.  The reason I would assume is because holidays are generally about connection, with friends, family and loved ones.  And usually, my friends are with their family and … Continue reading Valentine’s day


One of the interesting aspects of being in the military is you get to move around a lot.  Since moving away from my childhood home I've lived in 7 states across the country plus a couple overseas deployments and a few other extended trips for work or training.  It's interesting to think how that could … Continue reading Moving