Valentine’s day

Holidays usually bum me out.  In fact, they are probably the times when I’m most happy I don’t drink anymore, since I’m sure I’d end up black out drunk.  The reason I would assume is because holidays are generally about connection, with friends, family and loved ones.  And usually, my friends are with their family and loved ones, and I’m by myself.

Valentine’s day always feels particularly stinging when single and your friends all have partners.  Generally good to steer clear of facebook for a while, and avoid the wave of sappiness that you secretly wish you could share in.   Then there’s thoughts about texting exes that you beat back down, and try to maintain some self dignity.

In reality though, it’s a product of my own decisions and how my life has been prioritized.  And it’s generally better to be alone than with someone who isn’t right for you.    Keeping it in perspective makes it a little bit easier.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.



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