Is it good to be secure?

Security is usually considered a good thing.  If you are financially secure, secure in your relationships, and in your life, then it would seem to be a pretty low stress existence, right?  What do you have to worry about?

The thing is, my life experience has been the exact opposite.  I’ve actually been the most productive and happy when I am under a decent amount of stress and in some ways insecure.  Being insecure drives you.  You’re willing to take more risks, work harder, and reach for more ambitious goals.  Insecurity breeds purpose.  Security breeds sloth.  An individual with nothing to lose is who ends up making a difference with their lives.

This can also apply to relationships.  Relationships you’re secure in you tend to not appreciate and don’t make the effort because you don’t need to.  The romance is always hotter when things are uncertain.

A lot of people try to deliberately trick themselves into being insecure.  They agonize over the news or their jobs, spend way more money than they need to, and sabotage their relationships.  Why?  Because that makes life interesting.

I’m actually very concerned about what I might do with myself if I manage to retire from the military.  I’ll get a good pension, at a young age, and literally not have to work.  A pretty good bet is that I’ll end up an alcoholic, which of course happens to lots of veterans.  I am wondering if I should not retire, get out sooner, and start spending more of my money, to force myself to work for the rest of my life.



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