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There’s been a running fight between myself and getting a good night’s sleep.  I tend to be prone to overthinking everything, and often just lie in bed mind racing.  It has affected my career in some ways, in particular not being able to do certain military assignments because I was briefly diagnosed with a sleeping disorder.  At that time I was pretty unhealthy and not very excited about the path I was on, both of which contributed.

During that time the military introduced me to Ambien as a way to get myself on the right cycle.  Ambien is definitely effective, it is also a hallucinogen.  You get some crazy dreams, and are also pretty out of it if you wake up before it wears off.  It’s downright dangerous when combined with alcohol or other drugs.  The Ambien worked, but I wasn’t allowed to be on Ambien while doing that type of work.  When I couldn’t keep to a sleep schedule, the military reassigned me.

That worked out for the best, but I had been introduced to self-medicating to get to sleep.  That creeped up a few years later when I started to use alcohol to compensate.  Of course alcohol doesn’t let you get quality sleep, but it will knock you out.  Well, that turned out predictably: me eventually being diagnosed an alcoholic.  Quitting alcohol eventually did help with the sleeping.  It just led me to be more consistent.

Eventually I’ve quit caffeine too.  That cycle of getting energized by drinks then crashing just stopped being productive for me.  Quitting caffeine seems to have gotten me into a pretty good rhythm.  In addition to generally living a healthy lifestyle, my sleep issues are pretty good, barring the occasional night when I happen to get my mind excited about something.

So that’s the secret I guess, live healthy, no alcohol, no caffeine, and hopefully you won’t need prescription sleeping pills.






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