Dating Profile Time

Starting back up with some online dating after a break for a few months.  I still have my profile from last time, so I need to decide what do I want to change if anything.  It’s always a fun game to try to figure out what type of profile will work the best.  I’ve been online dating for about a decade now, so I have some experience.

My last profile was pretty detailed.  I was operating on the strategy that I’m in a very populated area, and I’m otherwise not overly remarkable (not ridiculously good looking, rich, or tall), so it was best to have a lot of details to stand out.  Granted, more details does give you an opportunity to share something someone doesn’t like, however why bother dating if something is a deal breaker in the first place?  I also had a fair number of pictures in a bunch of different situations.

A possible alternative strategy is to go with a more minimalistic profile.  Too much detail can look desperate, and make you seem more serious and less fun.  Withholding information can also add a sense of mystery.  So I’ve been thinking of cutting back information.  Maybe just share a few juicy tidbits and allow the joy of discovery during the dating process.

What do you think?   If someone has a long dating profile, would that give you a different impression of them either way?  For me personally, I like some details and appreciate when a profile is well written, but a wall of text is a bit of a turnoff for some reason.  How about more pictures or less pictures?  Generally feel like as long as look attractive in all your pictures, it would be good to add some more to show different sides of you.  A ton of selfies though doesn’t help.




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