Bar Fight #1

Well not really, but this is a good story of learning life lessons "the hard way". I was in my mid-20s, and living in a small city in middle America.  I started going to something of goth/industrial club with a group of friends, surprisingly it turned out to be pretty fun.  You could just do … Continue reading Bar Fight #1


First Date

Ah, the first date.  Always a fun, awkward time.  So many decisions, what to wear? where to go? kiss or no kiss?  I just recently got back from one that went alright.  She was a premier league fan, so I rode my motorcycle to meet her at a pub to watch a match together.  Figured I'd ride … Continue reading First Date


So when is "good enough" enough to give up on perfect?   Living in a major metropolitan area is a psychological trap for finding a romantic partner.  Sure there are plenty of options, but there always appears to be a better option than who you are currently with.  As a result, it is hard to make … Continue reading Settling