Macho – ness

So one of the higher-ups at work decided to host a hiking trip this weekend.  It was starting early Sunday and up a mountain, with the total length being roughly 13.5 miles.  This guy is also a marathon runner and noted mountaineer, so it was sure to be an aggressive pace.  There weren’t too many takers, understandably.  Now, I have no particular desire to walk that far, and I certainly don’t want to wake up that early, but something compelled me to sign up for it.  Sure it will be a nice change of pace, but ugh.

I suspect the main reason is one of my subordinates volunteered to go.  Strangely that seemed to flip my hesitation 180 and set my mind to go, at least to prove myself.  It’s weird how that could suddenly change my mind that quickly.

It’s striking how guys can so easily fall prey to trying to be macho.  It could be anything from buying a status symbol that isn’t really needed, to doing some activity you really don’t want to do, all in the name of appearing manly.  In fact, if you can convince a guy his manhood is threatened, you probably can get him to do anything.


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