First Date

Ah, the first date.  Always a fun, awkward time.  So many decisions, what to wear? where to go? kiss or no kiss?  I just recently got back from one that went alright.  She was a premier league fan, so I rode my motorcycle to meet her at a pub to watch a match together.  Figured I’d ride the bike with a tank top on under my jacket to show off the tattoos, since we’d both exchange that we liked each other’s tattoo’s.  She was riding her road bike there, so figured it would be low key.

We had a pretty good conversation during the game, then afterwards went for a walk through some of the touristy area of town.  She’s definitely pretty unique, and I enjoyed her company.  Eventually we started holding hands.  It’s weird that something that simple could have an element of excitement to it after all this time.  Eventually we separated and I gave her a goodbye kiss (I usually always go for it).

We had met through online dating, and I find low key first dates seem to work best for that, usually with some activity that allows for talking but takes the pressure off.  You really don’t know what someone is like until you meet them in person.  Doing something like dinner really locks you in to a long awkward conversation if things go south.  It would be different obviously if you had met them already.  Some of the first dates that I’ve enjoyed the most have been meeting up for hookah, and going to the aquarium.  Not a fan of dinner and a movie.

We’ll see how this one goes…



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