Bar Fight #1

Well not really, but this is a good story of learning life lessons “the hard way”.

I was in my mid-20s, and living in a small city in middle America.  I started going to something of goth/industrial club with a group of friends, surprisingly it turned out to be pretty fun.  You could just do whatever you wanted on the dance floor, goths really are the nicest people.  And besides, the normal club scene get’s boring after a while, and a more “alternative” crowd is nice to spice things up.

So I had been going to this club for about a year with friends.  It was always a pretty chill, typically no drama kind of a place.  The club actually only had the goth night one night a week, other nights it was hip hop or house music.  Apparently the hip hop night could get rowdy, but never the goth night.  Emo kids don’t cause trouble, right?

One day turned out a little different.  It started typical, I had a few drinks and hit the dance floor, some of my friends were there, including another military officer.  Overall it was a pretty good time.  Then, towards the end of the night, I noticed a fairly attractive girl looking at me.  As it was a club, I walked up to her.  I can remember her asking me if I had a drink in a kind of flirty way.  It was after last call so I replied that if I had a drink, I would have drank it by then.  The next thing I remember, I’m stumbling around outside the venue with blood running down my face and chest.






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