Different Religions in Relationship

Recently I noticed a girl I liked converted to Catholicism.  It was a bit of shock, she had been into philosophy and eastern religions, like me, which had been one of the big reasons I was attracted to her.  I don’t know what prompted the change, certainly being a member of a major religion has a lot of benefits in providing a sense of community and purpose.  Regardless, it is what it is.  It got me thinking though.

Whenever I do online dating I pretty much list my religion as other, or spiritual and not religious, which I think is an accurate description.  There are certainly a fair number of people who match that where I live, but also a ton who don’t so how big of a difference is that?  Can a relationship work between two people with different religions?  I think it’s hard but I might be willing to try.

In theory, if both partners were respectful of each other’s beliefs then it should be workable, right?  In practice though, that is simpler said than done.  There would be little irritations initially (differences in habits, worldviews, preferences) that would grow into major issues down the road (major differences on politics, healthcare choices, religion of kids).

For me personally, I’m pretty into science and openness.  So depending on how far someone took a religious conviction (denying generally accepted scientific principles, etc.), or start asserting their religious convictions on other people, those would be huge turn-offs for me.



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