Since starting work, I have never taken a vacation.  Sure, I’ve taken time off, usually to visit family over the holidays (which is honestly more work than work), but I’ve never actually taken a vacation just for me.  The most I’ve ever done was a four day weekend.  I’ve heard that you really need two weeks to disconnect from work and reset yourself.

Part of it is I’ve mostly been single, and traveling by yourself seems kind of lame.  Part of it is I’m pretty competitive at work and that just seems like too long of a time that I’ll miss something important.  And part of it is I generally like my work, I don’t particularly feel a strong desire to get away from it.

Still, I do feel burnt out from my life situation occasionally, and that I need a change of pace.  Not sure what to do though – it just seems silly to take a vacation by myself, and a large waste of money.  Honestly, that would seem to be the biggest thing to find a partner for – someone to share in adventures away from work.



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