Casual Dating

Who enjoys casual dating?  Maybe it’s something women like more than men?  I’ve never been a fan, my mindset has always been if I don’t see myself marrying the person then we’re just wasting time.  That might be a little harsh though.

That mindset tends to make you want to move quickly from one potential partner to the next.  Once you see a perceived flaw, then it’s time to cut the strings and move on.  You never give it a shot to allow things to develop.

It also cuts out on a lot of fun.  Maybe taking things slower and just focusing on having a good time together will actually turn out to be worthwhile.  Granted, you might perceive you’re distracting yourself from finding your soulmate, but then again you might find that the person you’re talking to will start to grow on you.

Just some musings as I try to step into the dating world again and just try to keep things casual.



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