Is it possible to reconnect with an old romantic partner and start a relationship again?  If things ended for reasons that were now irrelevant (timing was wrong), and it’s still possible that you can give each other what you want, then I don’t see why it would be a bad idea to try to reconnect.  Assuming feelings weren’t hurt too bad in the first place, of course.

Obviously you already know each other intimately, so there is a level of comfort.  But something I’ve been thinking about, what if there were some issues that maybe were swept under the rug during the relationship that didn’t come out because of trying to be sensitive to each others’ feelings.  You know how sometimes it’s hardest to tell a person something the more you care about them.  Well, if you are thinking about reconnecting with someone, wouldn’t that be an ideal time to hash out all differences, before you reconnected and became emotionally invested?

You shouldn’t go into a relationship thinking you’ll change someone but discussing and working through differences is still a requirement for any relationship.  I think an opportunity to have a frank talk shouldn’t be something to pass up.  It can a good final check to see if you really are right for each other or not.



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