Bar Fight #3

This is a continuation from:

Well, the guy and his girlfriend got arrested and taken away by the police.  I had slowly realized that I really should get medical treatment.  My friend offered to drive me to the hospital.

It’s a little hazy, but I remember it being a really late night.  I did get seen and stitched up.  I don’t remember if they took a x-ray, but I learned that my eye socket, cheek bone, and nose had been broken.  It was actually a pretty dangerous thing with the eye, I could have easily been blinded or have other permanent damage in that eye, I was lucky.  They also diagnosed a concussion because of the memory loss.  Overall, it really hammered home the seriousness.  Guys like to be macho about a fist fight, but it can have pretty permanent consequences very easily.

While I was being seen, my poor friend who had been driving me around after a night a partying passed out.  The hospital staff gave her an IV and she came to, but then they slapped her with a couple hundred dollar bill, I don’t think she had insurance.  I paid for it, she had been so nice to me.  Something also you don’t think about, the military healthcare took care of everything for me, but my friend would have been up screwed if something happened to her.

Eventually we got patched up and sent home.








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