So, what do you like to do for fun?

Always a fun conversation during first dates, trying to feel each other out, trying to not come across as a weirdo.  There really are only a few objectives for a first date 1) are you at least somewhat attracted to each other and 2) could you actually see yourselves spending more time together.

So how much do you reveal about yourself?  Most single people are hesitant to say they pass many evenings alone binge-watching netflex or youtube.  Instead we talk up that last great exotic vacation we had, or maybe how much we love to work out and read.  We obviously try to put our best foot forward, doing our best to appear interesting and unique instead of the closer-to-the-mark boring and average.  This is real life after all, which is usually boring and average.

I don’t reveal everything of course, that could be a little overwhelming, but I try to reveal the truth about who I am and what I like.  If my date obviously spent the time to dress up then I tell her that I appreciate it, because I do.  And I try to do it in an un-creepy manner.  And if she likes dressing up then great, because I’ll be easily persuaded to take her more places so she can dress up.

The big thing is you both need to reveal enough to find that common ground.  It is important that I share at least some common interests and enjoy doing similar things to go on a second date.  That common ground is necessary in order to start to build a relationship.  Staring at each other only works for so long.






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