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In this day and age, who doesn’t have a love/hate relationship with caffeine?  Life is so fast paced, a little help to stay energized and focus can’t hurt, right?

I’ve been off and on addicted to caffeine since college.  I was really badly addicted to diet coke.  Luckily I’ve shaken that, but currently I am still consuming caffeine.  I had quit for about six months.  It was nice, I felt a bit more even keel, slept well at night and had pretty good sustained energy throughout the day.  However, if I did have any deviations from my routine (like I wanted to stay up late one night, or had to travel for work) I was hurting.  Also, I seem to have some ADHD, and I honestly think caffeine really helps me focus.  During those six months, I had a hard time getting motivated to work when I wasn’t under pressure, such as my school work right now which is pretty much self-driven.

When I’m caffeinated I do tend to consume way too much though, my tendency for addiction comes out.  I drive myself to the edge of frantic energy, running around in a frenzy at work.  I think it’s preferable right now though, I’m in a bit of a crunch time at work and school, so I’m willing to make sacrifice.  Sleeping seems to be going ok.  When I retire for good though I will give it up, it’s probably not the healthiest.




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