Bar Fight #4

This is a continuation from here:

I don’t exactly remember when I did, but at some point that weekend (I’m guessing the following morning) I called and told my work supervisor.  It’s kind of a obligatory thing in the military to report something like that up the chain of command.  Admittedly my face was smashed in pretty good, there really wouldn’t have been any way to hide it at work.  I didn’t think I had anything to hide, I certainly didn’t get charged or was in trouble with anything, but it was a little embarrassing.

Monday I went in to work and had to relate the story to a bunch of a people, obviously there were a lot of questions about the black eye and swollen face.  I had to see my O-6 (my boss’s boss’s boss).  He was supportive, but gave me a little bit of a lecture about how nothing good happens when you are out after midnight.  I found that kind of amusing, but just said “yes sir” and that was pretty much it for work.  I was a bit surprised how quickly word had traveled up the chain of command (the O-6 had known pretty soon after I told my supervisor), but I guess that is kind of standard in the military.

For the most part life carried on as normal, I had a few follow up medical appointments, but eventually everything healed.  There was the charges though, the court case and consideration for a civil suit.  That would be a learning experience.

To be continued.



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