Sex and the Gym #1

Arnold Schwarzenegger famously compared lifting weights to an orgasm.  There is something very sexual about going to the gym.  The endorphins, the testosterone generation, the confidence you get in your body’s appearance, Arnold was right there is a lot of overlap between sex and working out.

While it may not be for everybody’s taste, I do like the “meat market” variety of gyms where people tend to wear not very much clothes.  This leads to a somewhat sexually charged atmosphere where everybody checks each other out.  But there is science behind this, you work out harder when you think you’re being checked out by someone you find attractive [a study showed a 17% increase in treadmill test performance when the test was administered by an attractive medical personnel of the opposite sex].  Makes sense to me, I definitely push myself harder (not to mention get a bit of an adrenalin rush) whenever I even slightly suspect an attractive girl might be checking me out.  It’s understandable why people just starting to get back into working out might shy away from this, but I think it’s a great trick to push youself to the next level once you are already in decent shape.

And boy am I horny after the gym.  That must be from the testosterone, which is a by-product of hard lifting (I don’t take any testosterone supplements, but I bet that is even crazier).  Especially after a good leg day, where I really blast the major muscles, I am turned on.  It is the best when I date someone who is also in to the gym, it is so much of a sex kick start to do a good muscular workout together.




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