Sports and Politics

US Sports seem to have gotten very political lately.  Athletes choosing to make political protest statements during sporting events isn't anything new, but this is the first time I can remember owners participating.  As I've mentioned before, I think a lot of patriotic festivities during sports (ie Support the Troops!) are motivated by business sense … Continue reading Sports and Politics


Military as an advertisement

Recently I participated in some pro football game ceremonies that honored the military.  The amount of public attention I get in uniform is somewhat uncomfortable, and I feel like I'm being used as a prop.  So a football team donates a somewhat trivial amount of money to our MWR fund, and we get to come … Continue reading Military as an advertisement

Sex and the Gym #2

First post here: Didn't intend to continue this line of thought but had some more ideas in this topic.  What I love most about my gym is that it has many extremely fit women that like to wear the bare minimum, and fortunately for me it's perfectly acceptable here for just sports bra's and hotpants.  … Continue reading Sex and the Gym #2