Workaholic or just love your job?

We have a new commander at work who likes to walk around later in the day and tell people to go home.  Luckily I don’t work directly for him so I brush him off when he comes by.  He’s trying to make sure people have something called “work-life balance.”  Bah, staying late is how you get the fun stuff to work on.

His motive comes from the right place, wanting to make sure people don’t get burned out.  It’s just, it’s not that late in the day.  I’m also sure he’s hypocritically going to work from home after he has dinner with his family.  And besides, if I enjoy my work, then what’s wrong with staying late?  I don’t have any family responsibilities, I’m competitive at my job and working hard does get you ahead, despite the feel good bullshit.

Sure, there is a lack of motivation to pursue my social life, and as long as I’m working I don’t need to be alone with my thoughts, those probably aren’t healthy motivations.  But my work is rewarding, intellectually stimulating, and sometimes fun.  Maybe just flirting with burnout is the way to go.



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