Taking a break

Hi all, have to take a break from posting for a bit.  Want to minimize distractions while I focus on school.  This has been a fun weekly diversion for the past nearly two years. See you in the future. -Dmitri



Recently had to sort through a bunch of my old files trying to find something.  Made me realize how much old stuff I keep around.  Some of it is notably useless, but I keep it because it just conjures up an old memory.  Occasionally I stumble on something that strikes a cord. Recently found a … Continue reading Memories

Bachelor food

Somewhat amusing thoughts today, but reflecting on this, I really eat like a bachelor in most cases. I went to Costco last weekend and bought a two month supply of cheap quinoa, almonds, tuna and hardboiled eggs.  Not really sure what would scream single guy more than that. As long as I have diet coke … Continue reading Bachelor food

Holding Back

Recently reconnected with a girl (that one...).  We're talking a bunch, and I'm enjoying the conversation.  She seems to be sincere about considering to try to make something work.  One significant logistical issue though, we live on the opposite sides of the country.  Still, I may be open to trying some sort of relationship. She's … Continue reading Holding Back