Career Disappointment

Recently I wanted to apply for some competitive jobs.  For the military, there are sometimes high profile jobs that become available to compete for, but you need your leadership's approval to compete if you are leaving your current job earlier than your normal cycle.  Unfortunately my leadership at work, after taking a while to think … Continue reading Career Disappointment


Volunteer Work

This is a self-improvement post.  See all here:   So I've always done random volunteer work, it's encouraged in the military.  However, it was usually always one-off stuff, like helping with a specific event.  Starting last year though, I tried to get more involved in regular activities that weren't work related.  So I tried … Continue reading Volunteer Work


New Years resolutions always confused me.  Why wait until once a year to fix something about your life?  If something is wrong, fix it now, and if you are waiting for an excuse to fix something, you probably aren't really that committed in the first place. Just some musings, I'm visiting some relatives for the … Continue reading Resolutions


Recently I got to provide some input to the officiant of my sister's wedding, and one of the things I mentioned is that both her and her new husband really love dancing, it was one of the things that created a strong bond between them. A love of dancing seems to be common in my … Continue reading Dancing