Bar Fight #4

This is a continuation from here: I don't exactly remember when I did, but at some point that weekend (I'm guessing the following morning) I called and told my work supervisor.  It's kind of a obligatory thing in the military to report something like that up the chain of command.  Admittedly my face was … Continue reading Bar Fight #4


Breaking up

Which is a harder, being broken up with or having to do the breakup? Being broken up with, especially by someone you care about and liked, can really suck.  It's heart wrenching to go through, and you're just left with a big hole in your life.  There is an endless stream of self-questioning and doubt, … Continue reading Breaking up


As a military member, I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with patriotism.  I do love my country, and I took an oath to support and defend the constitution, which I take seriously.  However, blind patriotism, and appeals to outright nationalism, I see as very dangerous.  Often times statements like that are for domestic political … Continue reading Patriotism


Is it possible to reconnect with an old romantic partner and start a relationship again?  If things ended for reasons that were now irrelevant (timing was wrong), and it's still possible that you can give each other what you want, then I don't see why it would be a bad idea to try to reconnect.  Assuming feelings … Continue reading Reconnecting

Casual Dating

Who enjoys casual dating?  Maybe it's something women like more than men?  I've never been a fan, my mindset has always been if I don't see myself marrying the person then we're just wasting time.  That might be a little harsh though. That mindset tends to make you want to move quickly from one potential … Continue reading Casual Dating