New Years resolutions always confused me.  Why wait until once a year to fix something about your life?  If something is wrong, fix it now, and if you are waiting for an excuse to fix something, you probably aren't really that committed in the first place. Just some musings, I'm visiting some relatives for the … Continue reading Resolutions


Family rifts and the holidays

Taking some "vacation" time to visit the family over the holiday break.  My family is now all old enough and scattered around that it can be a bit of a challenge to see everyone.  Rifts can make things delicate.  My parents are divorced, and my sister is no longer talking with my mother over an … Continue reading Family rifts and the holidays


Recently I got to provide some input to the officiant of my sister's wedding, and one of the things I mentioned is that both her and her new husband really love dancing, it was one of the things that created a strong bond between them. A love of dancing seems to be common in my … Continue reading Dancing


Metal music has been a big part of my life ever since I discovered Black Sabbath in middle school.  "Mandatory Metallica" on my local rock radio station was a fixture before falling asleep at night in high school.  As I started in college I got into more extreme metal, Slayer and other death & black … Continue reading Metal


Just got back from dinner with friends.  We went out for BBQ, very yummy.  Of course I ordered a huge platter because I had to sample a every one of their meats and felt a desire to gorge myself.  Despite being a relatively fit person, for some reason I frequently can't help myself and just … Continue reading Overeating

Long Distance

How feasible is long distance casual dating?  Recently reconnected with an old romantic interest who lives on the other side of the country.  Both of us are somewhat tied down by our careers, and even though there is some connection there, we are both a little bit gun shy given our history. Despite the potential … Continue reading Long Distance


Despite my normal seclusionist ways, some friends recently invited me to a Halloween party and I decided to suck it up and go.  Even though I feel a bit out of sorts during any sort of drinking-centric event, I do very much enjoy costumes.  Also, if I never go out I'll never meet anyone new. … Continue reading Halloween